About Us (WIP)

We aim to guide and develop young African talents.

Mission Statement: The New Home football academy, started by West Africa American football LPG., was founded to establish and build American football in Ghana, to uplift, empower, and encourage the youth of Ghana into adulthood through the game of football. We bring the fundamentals of the game; why we play it, and legitimacy to the role of our athletes. Helping the youth of Ghana embrace American football from a GRASSROOTS inception.


New Home will guide and develop young men into scholars, professionals, and successful football athletes. The academy will serve as the conduit, presenting Ghanian football athletes the opportunity to play at the next level while simultaneously preparing them for the workforce, leveraging the game to achieve higher education through the resources provided. We desire to create an atmosphere that is safe for young Ghanian men to enhance both football knowledge and scholastic pursuits.

“Desmond has a chance to play organized football in the states through our organization's support, and it's the exact reason why we started this academy!”

DesmondPlayer, Student

Our Goals

We are working to fester Professional Development.

Develop athletes into employable, recruitable, and accountable men to help shape and move Ghana forward


Annual New Home Football camps.

Our annual New Home Football Camps will be a source of inspiration and hope to many.


Provide financial, scholastic, and football resources.

Provide financial, scholastic, and football resources to participants and members of the academy


Invest in modern football facilities to spur interest.

Build a football facility to host events, courses, training, games, etc.


Varied ways to Help

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We launched our inaugural Oren Burks camp, now known as the “New Home camp”.