Fund raising.

Meet Desmond

Desmond Agyei was a participant in our first camp in 2021, where he showed promising athletic ability but more importantly, he stood out by his gigantic smile and gentle heart.

Desmond has been self learning football three years prior to meeting us by watching videos and keeping up with the sport. In his pursuit of one day playing organized football, Desmond met a coach at a clinic in 2019 who he kept in contact with for two years.

"Desmond has a chance to play organized football
in the states through our organization's support,"
and it's the exact reason why we started this academy!"

Over the years Desmond has developed a genuine relationship which has now turned into him being granted an invitation to come play football at Chucka High school in Southern California. With the support from New Home Academy, CHUCHKA high school has granted Desmond admission into the private high school and a spot on the football team.

In order for this dream to come true we need to raise 33,000 dollars for Desmond by the start of 2022 school year. Please join us in our pursuit to get Desmond to the states by donating to our cost.